Sunday, July 25, 2010

Teratism- Via Negativa

When it comes to the mentioning of U.S. black metal Teratism is hardly mentioned, but after listening to Via Negativa this should change, because Via Negativa is a strong album with a sound that reaps of pure hell. There is alot of mid-tempo playing throughout the songs on Via Negativa. The overall sound on Via Negativa is clear, but also offers a raw atmosphere as well. A few listens where required to really grasp a hold of the production on Via Negativa.

Gilles De Rais's
bass can be heard perfectly in the mix along with the guitars, drums and vocals. The guitars on Via Negativa have an overall hypnotic feel to them. My Wintery Embrace, He Desends, Necrofuge and He, Wretched One are all songs that reach the six minute mark. When it comes down to it the standout tracks on the album are lesous Khristos Cambion and I Am The Darkness. Artwork by Mark Riddick grazes the cover of Via Negativa, the booklet contains the lyrics and individual band photos with the exception of Void's photo missing.

If I had to compare Via Negativa to the prior Teratism album Pure Unadulterated Hate I would say that Via Negativa is a stronger release, but only slightly and requires a few listens to adjust too everything that is taking place on the album and it is well worth the time spent.

Rating 8.0/10

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