Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Deviant- Ravenous Deathworship

This review was originally written back in 2007.

When I first found out that Candlelight Records signed the Norwegian extreme metal band The Deviant I eagerly wanted to check out their debut album Ravenous Deathworship, but I was also skeptical about the release. I was wondering if the album would live up to all the other extreme metal releases for this year or would it be another album to ignore upon my first initial listen. I learned real quickly that Ravenous Deathworship was a complete package of death, thrash, and black metal.

One thing that seems to be odd about Ravenous Deathworship is that vocalist and bassist Dolgar unleashes his Abbath style vocals similar to the style used on the Immortal’s album Sons of Northern Darkness mixed in with a dose of Secthdaemon vocals from Zyklon. Genocide is where the The Deviant shows their thrash metal side of the almighty Slayer as Violator and E.N Death cast down one hell bent jaw shattering heavy section, as the guitar riffs seem to gallop with pure heaviness. Violator pulls out one of his lightning fast guitar leads. Venom of Mankind starts off with one of those slow agonizing Morbid Angel riffs, but it’s something about this track in particular that reeks of nothing, but an old school salute to the early days of death metal. Purity of Hate is the only slow song on Ravenous Deathworship as I noticed a sense of Dark Funeral as a comparison. A bit of Zyklon madness rises up at the beginning of Sadosadistic much like the material found on Zyklon’s album Aeon and drummer Blod proves that he can play at blinding speed.

Production on the album is decent, but this is more a fact that the album was mastered at Tailor Maid Productions by Peter In De Betou. All of the instruments are balanced and noticeable except for the bass, which is buried beneath the crushing wall of guitars and drums. If you are into Dark Funeral, Immortal, Mindgrinder, and Zyklon. Then this is the perfect album to add to your CD collection. Highly Recommended.

Rating- 7.0/10

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