Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Foreshadowing- Oionos

The Foreshadowing is a gothic doom metal band from Italy, so far they have released two full-length albums Days of Nothing and their recent one Oionos. Oionos was recorded and mixed at Outer Sound Studios in Rome and mastered at Finnvox Studio in Finland, the artwork was done by Seth Siro Anton of Septic Flesh. Basically none of the songs on Oionos are fast paced or anything, so the songs have a mid-tempo crushing feel to them with dark keyboard work, and the vocals of Marco is one of the main elements that pulls me into the sound of The Foreshadowing on Oionos.

I quickly noticed how it took multiple listens for me to really get used to the songwriting that was taking place on Oionos, but this was not the problem I had when first listening to Days of Nothing. Outsiders crushes anything into dust the song is heavy with crushing guitar riffs and drums. Soliloquium is an epic track that has a nice build up and results in a barrage of epicness the guitars in Soliloquium are more leaned toward the doom metal side. Lost Humanity has a choir singing in the background this adds another haunting direction to the album. Survivors Sleep contains drum work that seems more like tribal drum beats and Chant of Windows is a perfect song to have on Oionos as well the track built with excellent keyboard work, also the vocals are perfect as well as the are done in a clean singing format. Hope She's In the Water is one of those songs that is heavier than a ten ton hammer and the sheer weight crushes from the slightest note coming forth from the song.

Also on a closing note I would recommend in checking out the first full-length by The Foreshadowing, Days of Nothing the album kicks ass and it shows a band that is full of potential I am looking forward to see where this bands heads into the future. To occupy the time I have two releases by The Foreshadowing that will get more plays throughout the year.

Rating 8.5/10

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